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'What I talk about When I talk about Running?'

The design projects are like a marathon for me. It is hard to get started, and you never know what problems you will meet on the road.

I have a perfect plan to start a rigorous training and learning, eager to race in the running. But sometimes, the result is not satisfactory. At this time without the background music such as the heroic symphony, there is no heroic aura of heroic care, I have to admit my failure, have to admit their feelings of loss. The process is uncomfortable; then next, should I give up? Could I continue? How can I choose? Haruki Murakami said "Even if he doesn’t break the time he’d hoped for, as long as he has the sense of satisfaction at having done his very best—and, possibly, having made some significant discovery about himself in the process—then that in itself is an accomplishment, a positive feeling he can carry over to the next race"

This running philosophy inspired me at the design process. What's crucial is whether your design works attain the standards you’ve set for yourself. I keep running and continue to develop my ideas in my mind. There is no doubt that the running process can be long, lonely and not fun, but it was a tremendous relief when I finally pinpointed the real design challenge. When I reach the destination and finish, I know it was worth the efforts.

#running #designphilosophy

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