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Simplifying crypto trading for everyone

Crypto trading, Fintech, KYC, Portfolio ( 1 mins read) 

Design the accessible and transparent crypto trading product for new and experienced users.

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Role & Duration

Product designer

Lead design from end to end


Work with design lead and Corporate with three PMs, and Engineers team


Jan 2020 - July 2020


Mobile experience, Identity risks, Understand product at system level, Product flow, User interview, UI design, Prototype, Cross-functional collaboration, Figma, ProtoPie.


The company aims to provide an accessible and transparent crypto trading product for people to use. My responsibility in the team was creating the product from end to end, helping design lead to build branding, work on the core flows product, website design and email template work. Feel free to contact me if you want to know more details about this case study.

As the company is in stealth mode and the product still under NDA, I list some work I created:

1. Optimize KYC and Signup steps for trade and help the user activation.

  • Unlike the other consumer product, the trading app activation is different and more difficult. The KYC step made the valid activation a quiet challenge. When users do not finish the KYC, they can't trade, the user not activated in the product. From a design perspective, I should balance the user's pain point and the business goal here to design the simple process and encourage users to finish the KYC process at once.

2. Through design to bring the new concept into the trading process. 

  • Market and Portfolio process(under NDA)

3. Built the design system in Figma to let the remote work more efficiently.

  • Good design can create trust between users. Users may not say precisely what the good design or bad design is, but they can tell the well-designed product. The guild of style can make sure the whole design product( app, web, email, branding) is in a consistent style that's important for a new product.

  • A guild design system not only helps the designer to update and iterate the work but also helps engineers to implement it efficiently.

4. Create effective design language for email templates.

  • Different content emails should have a different template. For example, the product email cannot unsubscribe, but the promotion content should unsubscribe.

5. Work hard and work smart. 

  • We only have two designers in the team, which means both of us to wear many hats, such as product designers, researchers, and marketing designers. It also helps me enhance the understanding of the design system and improve the business design skills.

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