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Saas, High-volume distributed projects, Project Management
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Role & Duration

lead design from end to end


Work with the trio ( 2 PMs, 1 Tech Lead, 1 QA Lead) on defining the project scope and collaboration with the cross-function team


Jan 2022 - June 2022


Saas, Discovery Research, Competit analysis, Web design, Understanding product at system level, Product flow, User interviews, UI design, Prototype, Cross-functional collaboration, QA test, 


For our clients, adding many fields through the template creation process can be quite tiresome and slow, which often results in manual Milestone Field entries and data accuracy problems. To increase standardization, promote precise reporting, and prevent duplication, we should improve our project milestones. By utilizing reusable project milestones, we can accelerate the creation of new Project Templates by up to 95%.

Check out the Release Notes: Reusable Project Milestones and Quick View

A few highlights from my time in this role include:

  • Built the Project Milestone Standardization project end to end improved the speed of Project template creation for clients by up to 95% across different projects and easily managed with mass uploads, edits, and filtering.

  • Identified, proposed, and planned high-value opportunities for the next three phases of Project Template Hub. It could help us to acquire more logos in both vertical and sub-vertical industries.

  • Initiated and led design from research/discovery, ideation, design, validation, iteration, and development

Impact: How will it affect the ST business?
  • Growth: This feature will allow us to capture more opportunities globally
  • Satisfaction: Standardized the milestone would lead to more satisfied customers

Next project ...


Centralized Admin Panel

  • Enhanced Profitability: Streamline the configuration process and reduce the implementation duration to boost profit.

  • Task Efficiency: Improve customer self-service capabilities and minimize errors during configuration adjustments.

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