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"Hey, Lingxi, can you make it look nicer?"

If you're a product designer like me, you've probably heard people say stuff like this all the time 😅.

Part of my gig in the team is helping everyone see that design is way
more than just making things pretty. Design can really boost engagement 🛫 and make a difference in the business💰. Using prototypes and keeping customers in the loop, we can make some awesome changes to our product designs!


Outside of work, I help out the Massart International Association by running workshops for all the international students and our alumni 💕(it's cool, right?). 

Selected my Presentations:

Building the Conditional Logic 

Sitetracker Sales Department, EDU Department, EDS Department, Engineer Department and Product Department

In a 60-minute presentation, I showcased a redesign of condition logic and demonstrated how good design and consistency can enhance the product experience, benefiting millions of customers and leading to increased user adoption.

2021 Sitetracker HackyDay

Sitetracker company-wide

At an intense whole-day hackathon, I presented the design thinking method to the teams and demonstrated how we could apply its principles efficiently. As a result, our team incorporated these ideas into our final round presentation, earning us the Best Culture award out of 10 teams.

Project Milestone Standardization

Sitetracker Product Department

In a 60-minute presentation, I shared how I began with ambiguity and arrived at solutions that significantly improved the efficiency of Project template creation for customers. Additionally, I proposed and defined the next phase of Template Hub, which aligns with our long-term Project management goals.

Figma Workshop: How to use Figma

Sitetracker  Engineer Department and QA Department

In a 30-minute workshop, I shared essential tips for using Figma with engineers and QAs. The goal was to help the team understand what Figma is and why it's important for our work. By using Figma, we can make the handoff process more efficient, especially in a remote work environment.

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