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Role & Duration

lead design from end to end


Work with the trio ( 2 PMs, 1 Tech Lead, 1 QA Lead) on defining the project scope and collaboration with the cross-function team


December 2021 - Jan 2022


Saas, Discovery Research, Competit analysis, Web design, Understanding product at system level, Product flow, User interviews, UI design, Prototype, Cross-functional collaboration, QA test, 


In the ST product, we currently lack the ability to display the projects' timeline view. Our customers and prospects have consistently requested a Gantt chart feature for activity management. Project managers prefer visualizing a timeline with dependencies rather than just viewing a data list. Our objective is to provide project managers with the tools to modify schedules effectively. This will ultimately enable project managers and their teams to plan and execute their projects more efficiently, ensuring timely completion.

Check out the Release Notes: Guide Project with Gantt

A few highlights from my time in this role include:

  • Develop a timeline view that displays various project statuses for components, and create a high-fidelity prototype to validate the hypothesis.

  • Comprehend the scope of the timeline view, break it down into smaller stages for testing, and gather customer feedback to improve the design.

  • Analyze the competitor's solutions to understand the industry design patterns

What will be measured?

As not lots of project managers use the forecast data that they can't understand the full length of the project. The hypothesis is the timeline view will help them understand the full length of the project thus encouraging the usage of the forecasting logic.

  • How long does it take to activate a Project template after they begin using the timeline?

  • How many customers are using the forecasting logic? as without the forecasting, the timeline view doesn't provide any value.

  • The percentage of customers who use the timeline view to see if they're an increase in forecasting logic

  • with customers using the forecasting logic, do they have more activity templates that are forecasted after viewing the timeline?

Next project ...

Frame 13671.png

Simplifying crypto trading for everyone

Design the accessible and transparent crypto trading product for both newbie and experienced users.

  • Create and iterate the automatic/customize reminders, Pin/unpin items across multi-touch points.

  • Identify and solve To-Do editing restrictions for different scenarios.

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