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Centralized Admin Panel

Platform, Configurations, Settings, Administration
  • Enhanced Profitability: Streamline the configuration process and reduce the implementation duration to boost profit.

  • Innovation Feature: Our Solution team Manager, with five years on the team has acclaimed the "Admin Panel" as the most impressive and groundbreaking feature for now.

  • Task Efficiency: Improve customer self-service capabilities and minimize errors during configuration adjustments.


Role & Duration

Lead design from end to end


Work with the trio ( 2 PMs, 1 Tech Lead, 1 QA Lead) on defining the project scope and collaboration with the cross-function team


Octomber 2022 - Present


Saas, Discovery Research, Competit analysis, Web design, Understanding product at system level, Product flow, User interviews, UI design, Prototype, Cross-functional collaboration, QA test, 


Many customers hesitate to modify configurations in their organization due to a lack of understanding of object relationships and the structure of the ST product. As a result, they often depend on customer success for assistance in editing or updating CMT values, leading to an inefficient process.

The Admin Panel serves as a comprehensive solution for administrators, enabling them to edit configuration values in a user-friendly manner easily.

This is ongoing work - if you want to know more, don't hesitate to contact me for more details.

A few highlights from my time in this role include:

  • Designed the Admin Panel from 0 to 1, simplified product configuration flow, and reduced implementation time by 25%.

  • Conducted the Admin Panel design discoveries:  

    • Drive stakeholder interviews and card-sorting surveys

    • Analyze findings and insights

    • Run unmoderated and remote-moderated usability testing internally and externally to define the vision of the Admin experience.

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