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A marketing solution for local small business

Improve customer activation and registration conversion rates through a new design experience.

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Role & Duration

Product designer

Lead design from end to end


Cooperate with pm, business lead and three engs


Nov 2019 - now


Hyperflyer is creating a marketing solution for local small businesses. Hyperflyer product business model is a two-sided marketplace where local consumers meet deals from local merchants.  I have the opportunity to help to work on a product that helps us get one step to improve the current user activation experience.

* To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this case study. The information in this case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of Hyperflyer.


User flow, User interview, Card sorting, A/B test, UI design, Information architecture, Comprehension testing, Prototyping, Cross functional collaboration


84% drop off happened in 

activating promotion

Activate and share the promotion are the core features of this product. Through join and join-share-join process, customers will get savings when they finish the transactions in time. Local merchants are willing to offer discounts in exchange for the qualified local customer and local consumers ready to buy from local merchants.

But why most of consumers just stopped to activate promotion?

"I've no idea about how to use it🤦‍♂️"
-from one of our consumers

Through interview with locals, we found that the high drop off rate reason is the problematic usage. These difficulties block lots of users to activate promotions. And I specific the top pain points are:

Consumer pain points.png


Speed to the aha moment :)

When customers come to the product and give us a chance because of the promise Hyperflyer have made to them. We are going to save their money, and provide them real rewards, and make the saving process simple.

This is the moment that the customers actually feel the truth of the Hyperflyer's promise and looking forward to exploring the other benefits. I think this moment is our product, the aha moment. However, the unclear interactions and difficulty context made users gave up to their aha moment. For changing the current situation, I set the goal is:

Speed to the aha moment. 


The Aha moment of a product has the following meanings:

1. The moment the user first confirms that using this product can bring benefits to themselves;

2. When the user uses the product for the first time, if he can reach the moment of Aha, he will leave an excellent first impression, with a high probability of continued use as a retained user. 

Based on that, I talked with the team and created five hypotheses to solve the current issues.


Simplified and redefined the promotion rules

Because the complicated rules blocks many customers to dip into the next step. Our team and local merchants (who interested in our products) were heavily involved in the design discussions to define a new simple promotion rule.


In the first hypothesis explore process, except the local business name, I worked with the team to figure out are three most important information need to keep in the promotion card:1) promotion digital 2) valid date/duration and 3) location/distance. 
To deliver useful information, I tried the different layout and context based on the constraints. Also, as some consumers complain to us, they have no idea what our product is when they first saw the interface, I did one little thing but played a significant impact on this. Improved the context details and did the a/b test, from “Up to 15%”, “15%”, “15% rewards” to “15% cashback”, I found which context could bring the clear information without ambiguity.



Add new logical:

Like = Activate the promotion

The core goal of feeds is to attract users to a longer immersive experience.
I set the new logic is like equals active. We want to guide the consumer to feel an active deal is not a problematic action instead of thinking it’s simple, lightweight, and quickly.


For users who have determined their willingness to active a deal in the feeds, they currently need to do three steps (tap to see details, tap to join deal) to complete the activation. In this hypothesis, the user only needs one action, and when the user used multiples, the exponential cost reduction, and efficiency increase.



Open communities for potential customers without signup. 

Potential customers do not need to log in to explore the feeds. It is a way to short the conversion path for the product. I want to show sincerity and give customers value first and seek users' future login. Users can choose to join/delete the deal after login. Sometimes we think user login represents the most basic interest and trust in the product, when we do not ask users to sign up, we may lose the opportunity to reach out to them.



Recommendation based on the user’s interests

Consider the current product scale and resources; hyperflyer may add this feature on the next product plan instead of right now. The team agreed with me.



“Don’t let me think”

Show the numbers directly.

We worked closely with users to make sure the messages were clear and understandable to new users at all times. It’s important to guide people along in an open experience. Let users know directly the number of savings they earned at the home page. For example, we put the dashboard on the home and combine the joined the deal page to tell the user where they are and what is next step. 



Improv the visual quality

We did not stop here. I kept working on improving the visual quality to improve the design experience. I wanted to make the hyperflyer UI easier and more intuitive to use. Also want to provide the trustful experience to our customers when they use and share our product.

1 2.png
2 2.png


“I can see myself joined lots of promotions”

I led the team to validate the beta version design with 25 potential local customers in the bay area, including the customers who test the alpha version before. Besides, there were six local business owners who explored the new customer's designs. Overall, the feedbacks were excellent, and most of the users' understanding could find the information they want quickly and know where they are in a minute. 70% of users wish to use the promotion after the test and would like to share the hyperflyer image on their social media platform.

Next project ...

Frame 13671.png
Frame 13671.png

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